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King's KidsKing's Kids groups can be found all around the world. Typically King's Kids is family-oriented ministry using creative ways to share the gospel of Jesus.

There are two King's Kids groups in Israel. One is predominantly Arab and operating in the Galilee. The other mainly Jewish and in Jerusalem. From time to time throughout the year the two groups get together for fellowship and outreach.

Christmas provides opportunities for such get togethers and I was privileged to be part of a large event organized in Jerusalem to reach out to hundreds of mostly Moslem women and their children. The combined King's Kids groups danced and shared a brief testimony about Messiah Jesus being the one who is able to bring together young people from Jewish and Arab backgrounds in love and unity.

Thank You, Lord for the seeds which have been sown as Your gospel has been proclaimed at this season! Come and water the seeds so that there may be abundant fruit!


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