FOI has a long history of taking tours to Israel from the UK. We have experienced tour leaders, supported in Israel by professional Israeli guides. You can be sure of an unforgettable experience as you explore Israel with us. Use the links below or to the right to find out more.

Bible Study tour

Bible Study Tours

Traditional Bible study, which we do all the time, is literally black and white (text in books). To study the bible "on the spot" and to walk over the very places you are studying turns your studies into brilliant, vibrant colour! Come study the Bible with us in God's Holy City of Jerusalem!

'Pilgrimage' Tours

"Pilgrimage" seems a somewhat outdated word, but to travel a distance with the purpose of visiting and praying at spiritually significant places in order to be closer to God and know Him better is exactly what you do when you join a tour to Israel. Every visit to the Land God calls His own is surely a pilgrimage!

On tour in Jerusalem

Outreach at a New Age Festival

Outreach Tours

God is doing amazing things in Israel, where thousands of Jews are finding Jesus as their Messiah and where both Jewish and Arab followers of Jesus are finding true peace with each other in Him. Come meet local believers in Israel and join them in their worship and work for the Kingdom of God.

Some of our tours can be booked online on this site. Where, however, the tour leader is using a travel agent to process bookings you will be taken to their site to make your booking.


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