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Focus on Israel is one of the longest-standing Gentile Christian ministries in the Land of Israel. We are UK-based and have good links to the main Pentecostal movements in this country. Our history goes back to the British Mandate period between two world wars and further to the Pentecostal revival of the early 20th century. We have had a constant presence in the Land for nearly 90 years. Today, while our methods and ethos may have changed somewhat over the years, our passion to support God's people the Jews in their own Land and to share with them the love of God is un-dimmed. Find out more about us in these pages and why not join us on one of our varied tours to Israel?

Outreach tours


Join local Israeli Jewish and Arab believers as they worship and work for the Kingdom of God

Pilgrimage tours


Walk where Jesus walked, see where the Bible's heroes and villains lived, see your Bible come to life!

Bible study tours


A focused Bible study tour "on site" will turn the black and white text of your Bible into brilliant colours!

2019 calendar

2019 Israel calendars available now

This year we have produced a further version of our popular 12-month calendar, featuring Israel's magnificent and varied wildlife in 12 beautiful photographs. As always, each month gives you the biblical and Jewish festivals, Hebrew dates and weekly Old and New Testament readings.

Price - £7 + £1.26 p&p

(for individual calendars. Use contact form below to order bulk numbers)

Colin's blog

Musings on life in Israel from our resident representative in Jerusalem.

Colin Ross Introducing Colin Ross

Hello I'm Colin Ross. I have lived in Jerusalem for the past 21 years with my wife Rosie and we have raised our family here. What a privilege it is to live in the one city on earth chosen by God as His eternal dwelling place! I look forward to connecting you, through this page, to some of the places and people which make Jerusalem the city it is today!  Read more...

Looking towards Ofra

Posted on 13 December 2018

Blank imageThere's a stunning view this afternoon from the window of the office where I am working. It's a crisp December day, made clear and clean by the few days rain which has fallen this week, washing away much of the dustiness. 

Looking to the north...

Jerusalem City Hall

Posted on 22 November 2018

Blank imageLast week saw the second round of municipal elections in Jerusalem and elsewhere in Israel. In the first round on Tuesday 30th October there were 5 candidates standing to be elected as the new mayor of Jerusalem. No-one secured the required minimum 40% of the v...


Posted on 21 November 2018

Blank imageArguably Israel's favourite food, falafel is available on every street corner. It is a filling fast food snack of deep-fried chickpea paste balls served in pitta bread envelopes with salads, chips, houmus, and a variety of spicy sauces according to taste. 

For m...

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